Torcidos sintéticos
yarns production

Tapes, Slings, Geotextiles
and Conveyor Belts

Demand for products that are lighter, less expensive, longer lasting, are driving us to offer new solutions in this market. We pretend to add value to high performance synthetic fibers in an effort to replace other materils and, or improve already existing synthetic products.

Single Twist Yarns
Multiply and Cord Constructions
Precission Winding
Meassured Length Bobins

Main Raw Materials we use are:
Polyester, Polyamide 6 & 66, Para Aramide, Meta Aramide, Polipropilene, PVA, Carbon.

We can offer following yarn counts:
From 100 dtex up till 100.000 dtex

  • We can adjust twist level from 60 to 400 tpm, in both directions S and Z.
  • We can adapt bobin size to customer requirements in size, length and shape from 1 kgs to 15 kgs. Conic, Cilindrical, or Dye Tube Bobines
  • Coloured Yarns are also available upon request

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